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Love Is Where We Start

Weíre living in a world that is so unstable.

That wears Christian as their label.

But brings nothing to the table.

A lawless generation

With so much hateration.

Filled with lust and greed.

And so many hungry mouths to feed.

Many wonít even sow a seed

But they mislead

Theyíre self-centered

Instead of God-centered.

Thereís so much crime

And people doing time.

Theyíre spiritually blind

And they think theyíre doing fine.

Even many preachers are using the word of God

Thatís suppose to set us free

To enslave Christian women like you and me

Trying to put us back under the curse that Jesus reversed

When he came to earth.

Why would a woman want to be saved to become a slave?

Like Martin Luther King

I have a dream

That husbands and wives will become a team.

And on Jesus Christ they will lean.

Equability with no hostility.

Love is the answer

It can kill cancer.

Love can restore a lawless generation

So give it some consideration.

Love can soften even the coldest heart

So, Love is where we must start,

Love is where we start.


            By Patryna Goosby (age 28)



A Brighter Day is Coming
Dedicated to Alisha and Valarie from my Step Study class

One day the sun is going to shine
And joy unspeakable will be mine.
This storm will someday fade away
And I will realize that everything is going to be OK.
I wonít just be making it from day to day
For God will provide a brighter way.
If I believe I shall receive
Whatever I ask in prayer
Although my light is very dim,
And I canít see my way, there is coming a brighter day
And God is going to wipe all my tears away.
If I just keep my eyes on the prize
Forgetting those failures which are behind me
And reaching fourth to those blessings which are before me
I may have failed many times in the past
But one day things have to work in my favor
Late in the midnight hour Godís gonna turn it around
I canít let the storm break me, but make me
Make me into what God has called me to be,
a child of destiny
The vision is yet for an appointed Time
but at the end it shall speak and not lie
Though it tarry, wait for it because it will come to pass
It shall, I say, it shall come to pass
For a brighter day is coming!

By Patryna Goosby (age 21)






Grandma, For You, I Wish I Could
Dedicated to Opal Goosby

I wish I could buy you a house on a hill
and a maid for all the times you took on the role of a maid.
I want to nurture you like you nourished me.
I want you to feel free
From all your past hurts and misery.
I want you to know how much I really appreciate all that
youíve done for me.
I want you to understand how much you really touched me.
How much of an impact youíve been in our lives.
I wish I could take away all your pain
And in return joy you would gain.
I wish I could fill your heart with nothing but laughter
And everything be happily ever after.
I wish I could sing a sweet song in your ear
That would dry up each and every tear
And drive away all your fears
That you have kept through the years.
I want the rest of your days on earth to be filled with joy
and I want to be the cause of your joy
But if this wish never comes true, at least you know I wish I could.
I wish I could do all this for you
Grandma, for you I wish I could.

By Patryna Goosby (age 23)



God Knows How to Make a Miracle
Out of Your Mistakes
Dedicated to my Mom

Pondering on broken dreams.
Thinking about what could have been,
Is simply living in the past.
You canít lose what you never had.
You canít go forward looking back, thatís a fact.
You canít resurrect whatís already gone.
You must move on.
Only God can resurrect the dead.
But donít dread, no matter how much you bled.
Godís children are always fed.
God knows how to make a miracle out of your mistakes.
No matter how long it takes, no matter how long it takes.

By Patryna Goosby (age 28)


Itís Going to be Alright
Dedicated to Pastors Lorie and Todd Walker and Renithia Cleveland

Why should you feel discouraged
When things go wrong when things donít go your way when all you have to do is pray and the lord will help you make it through the day sometimes you may feel all alone
but you got to hold on
Keep on pressing on.
For weeping may endure for a night
But joy will come in the morning light
Thank the Lord that everything will be alright.
Even though there will be some trouble along the way, you might have to cry sometimes, but count it all joy for you are the verge of a blessing
and the Master is just preparing you
For something new.
And he wants you to be strong
So that you will be able to hold on.
No matter what Satan throws your way
You are going to make it to that glorious day
The Lord is about to bless you in a very special way.
So get ready for what the Lord is about to do
Heís about to shower His blessings all over you.
Praise God because a breakthrough is about to do so
When sitting there in the middle of the night
Remember that the battle is not yours to fight
And that Jesus Christ is going to make everything alright.
So just close your eyes and go to sleep
Knowing that heaven is yours to keep.

Patryna Goosby (age 19)


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